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Twitter Created

I created my Twitter account for SLM508.  My Twitter name is CVukmanic – I decided to post it on here so that my classmates could easily find me and follow me.


Assignment 2 Part 3

For my second module, I have reviewed new technologies relating to digital storytelling.  Of the programs I reviewed, I enjoyed the PhotoPeach program the most.  I would use this in my classroom to present new ideas or tutorials to my students.  I would also like to encourage my students to use PhotoPeach for their argumentative presentations instead of PowerPoint presentations.  The reason behind this is because PhotoPeach allows students to have access to their photos and images during their presentation without the lengthy wording posted behind them.  I have found that the downside to PowerPoint presentations with my students is that they simply write their entire speech onto the PowerPoint slides and just read it during their speech.  PhotoPeach does not allow as many words because the caption area is smaller.  The focus is more on the photos as visual aid, which is how they should be used for a speech.  I have created an example speech visual aid for an argumentative speech on cheerleading being a sport.  Here is the link to my PhotoPeach presentation, which is the example I will be showing my students before their speeches: