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Assignment 4 Reflection

 Looking back at the assignment completed for Module 4, I am very fortunate to have been able to tie this into what I am currently teaching.  My Honors English 9 classes are currently working with Literature Circles.  Lit Circles are where students are given five choices of novels and they must select one.  Then, they are grouped together with the other classmates who chose the same novel.  My sections have five groups of six students.  My content team was trying to come up with a better final product to assess their understanding of the novel.  Right now we use a 50 question assessment, however, this prevents students from getting to share their novel with the rest of the class.  Since only six out of thirty students read the book, it would be beneficial for the rest of the class to get to learn a bit more about the other novels.

At that point, I thought that using the VoiceThread would be a neat way for Lit Circle groups to share what their novel was about.  The reason that the VoiceThread appealed to me for this purpose is because the VoiceThread reminds me of a Lit Circle meeting.  Members are expected to conduct group discussions centered around a particular topic connected to their selected novel.  The way that my students take turns sharing comments while sitting in their Lit Circle group reminded me so much of the VoiceThread when multiple classmates would add a comment to the slides.  I loved watching how my classmates would transform my VoiceThread by adding their own comments to add to the presentation.  This was the basis of my idea.
Working with Wikispace was very new for me, but it was not quite as challenging as some of the other new technologies I learned during this course have been.  I am not sure why, other than the fact that Wikispace seems to be more user-friendly.  I found the steps to be easy to follow and the edits were not difficult to complete.  I enjoyed creating multiple pages and links.  I plan to actually use this assignment in early January, as indicated by the due date that I placed in the Wikispace group pages’ calendars. I am going to divide up the lesson a bit more by starting this Friday.  I will be teaching my students how to create a VoiceThread and introducing them to the program.  Their homework for tonight was to take an appropriate head shot and e-mail tit to themselves.  This way, when we go into the lab on Friday, they will be able to register for an account and upload their profile picture.  Since the VoiceThreads will be presented to the class, it is important for the students to have their own profile picture because it will be nice for students to see which classmate is making the various comments.
I enjoyed creating the lesson plan and this assignment.  The Module 4 assignment was by far the most in-depth because it really dives into lesson planning!  However, I find it to be the most helpful, since I am going to actually use my lesson very soon.  I look forward to seeing my students’ VoiceThread projects!
If you’d like to view my final assignment, please visit my Wikispace page

Social and Collaborative Media

Social Media in Classrooms

VoiceThread is a collaborative media tool used where a group of people can hold a discussion regarding one topic via comments that are added.  As opposed to other online forums that use comments to add to a discussion, the VoiceThread comments actually become part of the presentation.  After everyone has made their comments, you can watch it from the beginning and it is truly like watching a digital group discussion.  The above hyperlink will open a new page so you can see the VoiceThread that I created for my grad class.